Rstudio Server and git

I have installed rstudio-server on centOS 7 with my userid_1 (Active Directory account) as we use AD account to login to Linux hosts.When I access the R-studio from my windows 10 PC using the URL http://IP_Address:8787 with Active directory credentials it refuses to login. So what I did what create a local UNIX account (adduser userid_1_local) and change the password using passwd command. Now I was able to login R-Studio remotely from my PC. All good so far.
Now the problem comes when I try to integrate this with our internally hosted github ( Our internal github is hooked up with Active Directory and when I try to commit the changes from R-Studio to github it fails because it is unable to connect as userid_1_local (UNIX local account) as is expecting userid_1 (which is the AD account). How do I overcome this challenge? Please let me know if there is anyway around this.


This issue is fixed. I just copied /etc/pam.d/login to /etc/pam.d/rstudio. So essentially Rstudio starts using the same auth mechanism as Linux.

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