RStudio server and client

I am a little bit confused about the concept of of client and server in RStudio server. This is what I think and please correct me if I am wrong. When you install RStudio server you install the IDE and the server. My confusion starts when I look at the directories that I have created and try to upload and download data. I create these directories in my Linux Ubuntu machine and when I run the RStudio IDE, these directories get diplayed in the IDE. If I create an app that uploads data, I believe that the data is being uploaded to the server and when I download data I believe the data is stored in the linux machine, not in the RStudio server. However, I only see the directory structure created by me in the linux machine, but I do not see the directory structure that lives in the server. In essence, I do not see the difference between my Downloads or Documents folder living in my linux machine or any other directory created by me to store the app.R programs and data files and the server directories where files are uploaded. Is there any way to access the server directory structure?

At the top of the files pane next to New Folder. Pressing the upload will bring up another dialog to upload files from your local machine to the current user's directory on the server. Under the More button, you'll find export to download files from the server to your local machine.

How can I access the current users's directory on the server?