Rstudio server and AD access

I am an absolute beginner when it comes to Rstudio server (whichever edition). I would like to know if it is possible for the server to have read/write access based on the user using the session. It is probably mostly a linux related question, but Rstudio might also be heavily involved in the topic.

The issue is that in my organization different branches would want to use different input folders, working directories (access is set up through AD on the file server), and uploading GB sized files to the server is obviously not really feasible. However, the libraries etc. should be centralised.


Hi, yes, when used in a server, RStudio limits file write access to the user's "home" folder. The user should be able to see system level files, but not the files in the other user's "home" folder. You would have to setup new Linux users for each person that needs access.

If you want the access to be controlled by AD, then you are probably going to need to use the commercial version of RStudio, called Workbench (RStudio Workbench - RStudio). That version provides integration with several different authentication systems, including AD.

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