RStudio Server 1.4 (issue with SAML)

Ubuntu 18.04
Joined to Windows domain
Running RStudio 1.4.1106-5

I'm hoping the fix is something simple I've missed. I have followed every piece of documentation I can find, both on the Azure AD side and the RStudio side. When I try to connect, all I get is a 502 error in the browser. Also, syslog even stopped logging things with the settings I have now. If I change around settings and variables just to test things, syslog starts telling me everything I've done wrong and why it doesn't like it. Same for all the other misc logs files throughout the RStudio Server folder infrastructure.

Things I've tried:

  • I've made sure the certificate I'm using for SSL is trusted. I verified by hand that the correct SubCA and RootCA files for my Godaddy cert are the correct ones.
  • My verify-installation command runs showing "no errors" at the end. I'm using my user account for this.
  • I've verified my SAML response in Chrome. I see all of my attributes passing correctly.

All the documentation both on the Azure AD side and the RStudio side seem very straight forward and well documented, so I am completely baffled. It's GOT to be something simple I've overlooked. I have a email support ticket going back and forth, but I'm reaching for other sources now. I'm am just about to blow away the machine and start over, but I would like a separate opinion from the community.

Note: If I remove my SAML settings from my rserver.conf file, I am able to connect just fine. I can also login with my domain account. If there's any other info I need to supply, please let me know.

# Server Configuration File


# SSL Settings
ssl-protocols=TLSv1.1 TLSv1.2

# SAML Settings
auth-saml-metadata-url=***/***/*** (blanked for security reasons)

# Launcher Config
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The support ticket is going to be your best option, since that (hopefully) contains more information than you can post here. In particular, make sure that you've provided the support team with a diagnostics file. Having the diagnostics file can substantially speed up the process.

I also suggest you get in touch with your RStudio Customer Success person - they will also be able to accelerate the process, and possibly even arrange a phone call with a solutions engineer.

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Thank you very much for your response.

I have sent 2 rounds of my diagnostics file so far. I am hoping for the best. I have also sent my results for the verify-installation command as well as my SAML response.

I did not know about the Customer Success person with a possible phone call with an engineer! I will definitely try that route as well.

Thanks again!

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