RStudio Save As Error: save as bar greyed out and new R scripts cannot be saved

I have a problem when trying to save a new R script in RStudio. When saving a new file, the save as bar (the part with which you choose the file type to save as) is greyed out and I cannot select a file type to save as. I was able to save normally until, I was suddenly unable to save. I am still able to save scripts that I have created, but newly created scripts are unable to be renamed.

I am currently using R version 3.5.0, RStudio version 1.1.453 (open source), and running on a Windows 10 system.

I have found this older post that relates to a similar issue, but it does not have any conclusive information on how to solve the problem.

I have tried saving with .R as suggested in the above post, but this will not allow me to run the scripts once saved. I have also attempted uninstalling and reinstalling both RStudio and R itself, but this caused no change.

I have no idea why this is happening and any help in figuring out if this is a bug or something that can be easily fixed is greatly appreciated.

This issue should be resolved in the preview release of RStudio -- we now report All Files (*) in that portion of the dialog. Note that if you want to save with a custom file type, you just need to define the extension you want to use.

The preview release is available for download here, if you'd like to give it a try.

Thanks! I will go ahead and try that out when I have the opportunity too and see if it solves my problem.