RStudio running slow and impeding work

My RStudio is running painfully slow to open, load, and execute even very simple tasks such as loading packages.

Things I have already tried:

Making sure the workspace is not being saved [Why Is RStudio so slow to start and to display data frames]

Uninstalling and reinstalling both R and RStudio

Resetting the desktop state []

Unchecking the diagnostics [RStudio running abnormally slow for every action, including cleaning console and saving file. - #8 by jd3365] but this did not make a difference

I am running the latest versions of both R and RStudio on a Windows 10 desktop. I work primarily using R projects if that is relevant. Though I don't appreciate any real improvement in speed if I try just running a simple script.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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Are you on a network drive on a work computer?


Any solution for opening the panes so slow?

Yes, I work in a university and am on a computer there. I made sure not to have any of my projects in a network drive because I have read that can complicate things.

It might be something to do with where packages are installed. I have had that issue with work computers where even though R is installed locally, the packages somehow get installed on the network drive.

Perhaps some sort of related info regarding the R_LIBS_USER file: R Installation and Administration

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