RStudio running in KVM Virtual Machine (Ubuntu 18): Barely useable


I'm running RStudio 1.2.5001 in a VM running Ubuntu 18.04.1. (10 GiB of RAM)

RStudio is barely usable because whenever Copy-Paste into RStudio is performed it hangs for 30+ seconds after which a copy may or may not have succeeded. This happens for both guest-guest copy-paste (i.e. copy-paste inside the VM) or host-guest copy-paste (i.e. copy-paste between the host machine and the VM).

The first 4-5 pastes after restart may actually succeed, but after that it's curtains.

It may also arbitrarily hang for a few seconds when typing in the Console.

There is no particular I/O or CPU activity and other processes in the VM do not exhibit that behaviour.

I have noticed that restarting the "spice-vdagentd" daemon process when RStudio hangs immediately brings it back to life (the paste is lost though), so there may be a problem interworking with the clipboard.

Is there something I can try to keep working without ripping my hair out...

You could try setting the environment variable


to try and avoid this issue. For example:

RSTUDIO_NO_CLIPBOARD_MONITORING=1 /usr/lib/rstudio/bin/rstudio


This feels good so far .. host-to-guest VM copy&paste is still not working reliably but at there are no "freezes" anymore. Currently not using RStudio heavily, will see when that task is back on the menu.

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