Rstudio run vs Publishing


I'm quite new with RStudio and actually I'm installing Rstudio Workbench / Packagemanager / Connect. (RHEL9)

Actually, I’m trying to run a script with publishing and save a file on the server.

If I do this locally in RStudio Pro, it works fin.

If I try to publish i do get an error:

Error in file():

! cannot open the connection


  1. utils::write.table(...)

  2. base::file(file, ifelse(append, "a", "w"))

Execution halted

So my Question is. What is different for the connection between run locally and publishing?


I am not following. What are you trying to publish? A Shiny app, a document, ...?

Are you trying to write to a file? Normally, content run on Connect is executed as a service account. Does this service account have write access to the place where you want to write to?

We will set up a meeting... for demonstrate.