Rstudio Rserver Support needed for SSO with openID connect .

I have been trying to do SSO with Rstudio rserver in rstudio .
I have configured rserver.conf but its still doesn`t work as i expected
Is there any necessary edit apache (httpd.conf) or any other setting ?
I already had followed this doc but still cannot do this .

This feature is part of the professional (Pro) version of RStudio. If you aren't using the Pro version, you'll need to switch to it to use this feature.

And if you are using the Pro version, our support team would be glad to help you with this. Please send some more details on your issue (what errors are you seeing) and a diagnostics report ( sudo rstudio-server run-diagnostics ) to our support team at

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jonathan thank you for the reply but I had fixed that error . Really appreciate that.

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