Rstudio reloads cached session upon `Terminate R`.

As the title suggests I'm struggling to get the desired behavior from Posit Workbench 2023.09.1+494.pro2, “Desert Sunflower” (80aa7dd2).

We have session suspend configured, which is nice to have. But one side effect of this is that pressing Terminate R button causes it not to restart with a new clean session, but to reload whatever was cached for the last session suspend.
It may not have been a big problem, but in combination with Restart R more often than not causing some "unexpected crash" and subsequent R termination there is no method for me to just get a clean new session within the same project apart from manually quitting the current R session and starting up a new one.

Is there some way to make the Workbench NOT load the data from last session suspend at least when R is terminated explicitly with the Terminate R button?

P.S.: Ideally I wouldn't want it to reload this data even when R is terminated due to a crash. It's useless for me, since I have no idea if I changed some/most/all objects after the last re-suspend. Or at least I can't trust that I remember every little change that may have happened since.

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