RStudio - Quarto Project - cannot render - YAMLERROR

I had been using a Quarto Project with Python in Studio for 3 months. Suddenly, I cannot render any .qmd document. I received the following error when rendering:
ERROR: YAMLError: incomplete explicit mapping pair; a key node is missed; or followed by a non-tabulated empty line at line 8, column 79:
... ojects of the Statistics Modules: Statistics for AI and Advanced ...

I already checked the quarto.yml file and it looks ok (and it only has 6 lines, not 8!)

Can somebody help?
Thanks in advance

This happened to me and turned out to be a chunk with what appeared to be incomplete YAML markup

In my case, it appears that my yaml code is ok.

I just moved my .qmd to another Quarto project, and then I could render it without a problem. The YAML code at the beginning of my .qmd should be fine.

I checked the .quarto.yml file, and it is exactly the same I have in the other project where I have no problem.

I found the problem.

In another .qmd that I added, in the YAML section I had the character colon (":") as part of the text of the abstract. I just deleted that character and now I can run all .qmd I have in my Quarto project!

It's wierd that when I render a .qmd, it checks the syntax of other .qmd files

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