RStudio Quarto not accessible from command line - Linux Mint 19.1

I have installed the newest version or RStudio (2023.06.0 Build 421) in computer with a Linux Mint 19.1 OS.
I have been working with quarto documents and slides, and everything works perfectly. However, as I wanted to install some extensions, I found that my computer cannot locate the quarto installed with the RStudio when I use which quarto or whereis quarto in the terminal.

I looked for the location of the quarto file using locate quarto and I found it under usr/lib/rstudio/resources/app/bin/quarto/bin/quarto

I am not sure if the right step will be to change the environment variable and add the location, so that I can access it from the command line and do the installation of the extensions. I really do not want to mess up the RStudio and the quarto, since I have already converted many of my old LaTex files to quarto.

Is there other way to install the extensions?

I thank you for your time!

I'm on Mint 21.3. Somehow I have the same version of Quarto (1.3.433) installed in two different places. The slightly newer installation is where you found yours. The older installation is at /opt/quarto/bin/quarto, which is symlinked from /usr/local/bin/quarto. Since /usr/local/bin is one my system path, I'm pretty sure that's the one that gets found if I run it from a terminal. I suspect the newer one is what RStudio uses.

If you open the Software Manager app and search for Quarto, you should find a system package for it. That version installs into /opt and presumable creates the symlink. I suggest trying that. (Leaving the RStudio version in place appears to be harmless.)

Thank you a lot for your answer.
You are right. The one under /opt/ folder is not the program.
I tried the different locations, and run the quarto I found from my command line.
I think I finally found the location:
/usr/lib/rstudio/resources/app/bin/quarto/bin/ and I was able to verify it with ./quarto --version.
I have the 1.3.353.

I will use this path to install the extensions, and add this location to the PATH. I want to be able to work with it from VS Code if necessary :slight_smile:

I will post any success, if I manage the installation of extensions now that I have the location. :crossed_fingers:

Nope. No success with extensions. I tried PLOS extension and it does not install where it is supposed to. I am lost here. Maybe someone can give me a hint for linux?