RStudio Projects and R packages from


Thanks for -- it solves some problems I had.

Are you planning to allow creating rstudio projects from the menu? I only managed to create rstudio projects as packages, with devtools::create().


Thanks for trying out the RStudio.Cloud Alpha. We're currently working on a feature where a new .proj file will be created when you create a new cloud project. I should mention though, that cloud projects work a little differently as compared to RStudio Server or RStudio Desktop. Each cloud project is isolated from other projects, as a project runs inside its own container. To create a new cloud project, you can use the "New Project" button on the RStudio.Cloud "Projects" Page.

We're also working on adding support to checkout projects from Git.

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Thank you for sharing your plans! Meanwhile you build support for git, I'd like to share with other users that -- once I built a package (with devtools::create()) -- I was able to use git with devtools::use_git() (also from the terminal with git init).

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We now support creating new projects from git repositories. Credentials need to be entered each time you create a new project. Since this operates via HTTPS, your credentials will be cached for 15 minutes by default.

The cache duration can be increased through the ‘cache’ credential helper bundled with git. The command below would set the timeout to an hour,

git config --global credential.helper 'cache --timeout 3600'

From the git documentation: “this command caches credentials in memory for use by future git programs. The stored credentials never touch the disk, and are forgotten after a configurable timeout. The cache is accessible over a Unix domain socket, restricted to the current user by filesystem permissions.”