RStudio projects and Box Drive

I posted to the Box forum about a problem I'm having with Box Drive and RStudio.

Box Drive is an alternative to Box Sync (BS is like Dropbox). Your files are not stored locally, but rather streamed from the cloud. I use git, but for years I've been locating the local repo copies in either Box Sync folders or Dropbox folders to have constant backup.

I started experiencing problems when I switched to Box Drive. When I open an RStudio project, Box starts complaining about renaming conflicting files like pcs and sources, cts, presentation, console06, notebooks, etc. All files in the hidden .Rproj.user folder.

I can switch back to Box Sync, but Drive is being promoted at our university as the replacement for sync. So I'd love to know if anyone else has experienced this problem.

RStudio uses these files during an RStudio session and reads / writes to them quite frequently. Can you instruct Box Drive to ignore these folders?

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Thanks, @kevinushey. I wish, but I think the answer is no. Git started to act up with Box Drive as well, so I abandoned this weekend and reverted back to Box Sync.

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