RStudio Project Template not working in non-main branch

I followed the guidelines in RStudio Project Templates and wrote code in a non-main branch inside this R package: GitHub - jhudsl/ottrpal at 127-rstudio-project-template. The dcf file is here and the the template function is here.

However, this template doesn't show up in the RStudio IDE's Project Wizard, and I'm thinking the reason might be that this code is on a non-main branch.

So, my question: Does the dcf file and template R function need to be placed in the main branch for this to show up in the Project Wizard?

Thank you.

I don't have an answer for you on this, but found your post while essentially asking the same question. That post, while good, isn't comprehensive in explaining how to install those project templates (can they only be installed from github?) or how I would set it up just locally on my computer, where the project templates are installed, etc.

I need to find more information about the project templates, too.


FWIW, I did get an answer to this question on SO: r - RStudio Project Template not working in non-main branch - Stack Overflow

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