Rstudio - project stuck, can you restart?


I cannot get access to my project, when i open it, it is stuck. Can you reboot it thanks


Hi Sergio

Sorry to hear you are having trouble accessing your project. Can you elaborate on what you are seeing? Do you see "Opening Project" on the screen, or something else? If you logout then log back in, does the problem still happen? Have you tried loading the project in another browser (or in incognito window)? Finally, when this happens, are there any errors in the javascript console?


Hi Sam,

It seems sorted now. But seems to occur sometimes, to be very slow.

What is the best action to take when you are done for the day, close all files in the environment?


Its hard to say what the cause was in this case. If it happens again:

  1. logout and log back in.
  2. if it still broken, try a different browser or incognito mode.
  3. if its still broke, take a screen shot, check the javascript console for errors, and let us know

There are a couple know issues that behave similar to what you were seeing that we are actively working on. Hopefully it will address what you are seeing, and getting more information each time will help inform us if we are fixing all the issues.

thanks for your help

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