rstudio project not writable?

I am running Rstudio Server on a Ubuntu 18.04 machine installed on an Google Cloud Instance. Installation required creating a new user and having a shared directory, and running rstudio from that user.

Now I cannot open an Rproject on the shared directory, because it is not writable. But I gave write rights, and even changed ownership of the Rproject to the current user. What is Rstudio expecting for ownership and rights? I can see that I am owner of file, and have set read and write permissions

system("ls -l ~/shared_folder/cropins_project/cropins_project.Rproj")
-rw-rw-rw- 1 mat_rstudio datascientists_cropins 205 Oct 18 15:15 /home/mat_rstudio/shared_folder/cropins_project/cropins_project.Rproj

Could there be something else running on the machine (e.g. SELinux) preventing file access?

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