RStudio Pro: The previous r session was abnormally terminated due to an unexpected crash

I am working with a client that is using RStudio Pro 2024.04.01 on a machine with 128 GiB memory and receives this error often when working with a 5.5 MB dataset of RMarkdown files. The client created a function to perform a calculation. If the client executes a single line of code at a time, it works fine. However, if the client runs multiple lines of code, it causes the crash error above. We suspect it has something to do specifically with Rmarkdown files and processing the code chunks within them.

I alo searched the rstudio-server logs files and found this error:

CLIENT EXCEPTION (rsession-<username>): (TypeError) : Cannot read properties of null (reading 'object_types');|||org/rstudio/studio/client/workbench/views/connections/ui/|||com/google/gwt/user/cellview/client/|||com/google/gwt/user/cellview/client/|||com/google/gwt/user/cellview/client/|||com/google/gwt/user/cellview/client/|||com/google/gwt/core/client/impl/|||com/google/gwt/core/client/impl/|||com/google/gwt/core/client/impl/|||com/google/gwt/core/client/impl/|||rstudio-0.js#-1::eval|||

Any ideas?

This would be better raised with Posit support (only available for customers with a current pro license): start here and use the "premium email support" link.

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