RStudio partially hangs when opening a specific .R file within a project

Here's a weird bug I have with RStudio 1.4.1717 on Windows 10:

RStudio partially freezes (see below) when I open one of several specific .R files within a project.

  • I can open the file when not in a project
  • Opening the file is enough to cause the issue, I don't need to edit it or do anything.
  • I can open and edit other .R files in the same folder without any problems
  • Deleting .Rproj.user does not help
  • A fresh checkout from Git does not help
  • Removing the .git subfolder does not help
  • Renaming AppData\Local\RStudio does not help
  • Renaming AppData\Roaming\RStudio does not help
  • I cannot inspect request log as the it is not shown after I click the menu item
  • Nothing new is seen in the rdesktop.log, although I have an older entry with:
12 Aug 2021 08:59:23 [rdesktop] ERROR system error 3 (The system cannot find the path specified) 
[path: C:/Users/modrak_m/AppData/Local/R/crash-handler.conf, target-path: C:/Users/modrak_m/AppData/Roaming/RStudio/crash-handler.conf]; 
OCCURRED AT class rstudio::core::Error __cdecl rstudio::core::FilePath::copy(const class rstudio::core::FilePath &,bool) const src/cpp/shared_core/FilePath.cpp:782; 
LOGGED FROM: void __cdecl rstudio::core::crash_handler::`anonymous-namespace'::readOptions(void) src/cpp/core/CrashHandler.cpp:138

By "partially freeze" i mean that:

  • the UI still reacts, I can edit text or open menus
  • however, no action is actually ever performed, be it saving a file, opening a diagnostics log or listing contents of a directory after I click on it in the "Files view"


Renaming the library folder (Documents/R/win-library) does remove the issue. I tried manually removing some RStudio addins that could be potentially problematic ("bookdown", "clipr", "job" , "reprex", "datapasta"), but that didn't help. It however appears, that removing the whole library and reinstalling all packages freshly removes the issue.

Marking as solved, hope this helps somebody in the future.

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