Rstudio pandoc memory leak stops any chunk evaluation

I open Rstudio and then open an .Rmd file.
I run one chunk:


I then press save on the .Rmd tab. After this, Windows task manager quickly increases the Rstudio use of RAM and physical memory to close to 100%, using >5 GB of RAM immediately. The pandoc.exe subprocess in the Rstudio process of the task manager is responsible for nearly all RAM usage.

After executing the first chunk, Rstudio will not execute any further chunks. It will not terminate the session, and the console will not respond to esc -key or quit(). I can still input text, or navigate the menus. But I cannot execute any chunks.

Steps taken:
1-Deinstall and Reinstall R and RStudio
2-Removed any background backup programs
3-Deinstalled Anaconda as some forums (can't find now) advised

Any suggestions? This error stops me from doing any work.

R version R-4.1.1
Rstudio is 2021.09.0 Build 351

Windows 10 64-Bit Home v20H2
Intel i5-9300H CPU @2.40GHz
8 GB installed RAM

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