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Hello everyone, my question is a little bit different. recently I applied for data analyst internship and they sent me csv file with these questions:
We have dataset which contains a small set of searches performed on ???? platform in 2019. We would like you to answer the below questions in any form that works for you - a presentation,
some graphs or a summary document all sound great.

  1. What are the most popular categories in which XXXX users search for items?
  2. Do you see any time pattern in the data?
  3. Do you think Ad Views are somehow related to the length of the search (search_steps), number
    of filters applied or the number of results?
    Feel free to include in your presentation any other interesting conclusions that caught your eye.

And our csv file contains id, hour_of_a_day, category,keyword, search_steps, filters_count, results, ad_views

So I know Rstudio to some level but this seems like related with data science and machine learning. How can I deal with this issue? Can i use different packages or approaches?

They are asking you to perform Exploratory Data Analysis on that dataframe and you already have tagged packages that are suitable for the task, dplyr and ggplot2

You can learn how to use them here

thank you sir, I hope i can do

Sir what would be the best way to present my results? a presentation? some graphs? or a summary document?

I think there is no best way to do it, any way you choose would do the job as long the content of your analysis is good, I would choose a .Rmd Notebook, to include not just the results but also the code, besides you can easily transform the same document to a lot of outputs like .ppt, .pdf. docx, html

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