rstudio package manager does not seem to update cran packages

I just checked out the rstudio package manager activity:

It seems there are no packages updates. There are however updated packages. Is this service down?

I see that it has activity now. I didn't hear other reports or see of this earlier today, so I am not sure what the issue was. Note that we have had some intermittent stability issues with public package manager, with more details from me on this (and fixes coming) in serves an HTTP 504 error with R-CMD-CHECK.yml on Ubuntu 18.04 - #3 by andreasr

Its indeed resolved, is there any better place to report status issues?

This is the best way to report status issues for the community, and myself (and others on the team) will continue to watch here. It is also fine for customers of RStudio to mention this to support for an escalation that way.

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