Rstudio opens all previously popped-out windows upon start

Hi there,

My projects saved on pCloudDrive are starting up on RStudio with all previously popped-out windows referring to objects open, even when the objects don't exist any more and when I closed all of them and saved an image with everything closed.

I'm on Fedora 31 and running 1.2.5001, just now I upgraded to 1.2.5019 (dnf remove then install), but it's the same thing. From memory, it even started happening with a version prior to 1.2.5001 but I thought it was a one-off glitch. As you can see in the image below, now the situation is getting a little bit out of control. This doesn't happen on my Windows machine.

I couldn't replicate this behaviour when saving my projects to my normal HDD.

Is this a known issue? Any hints for troubleshooting?

Thanks heaps!

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