RStudio not starting up

I am getting this error while starting RStudio.
Tried reinstalling RSTUDIO and R but same issue persists. Someone please help me fix it. I am on Windows

Do you have a firewall or using a custom DNS resolver or an ad blocker that could be interfering with the host name resolution?

You can also disable the update check on startup. %appdata%\Roaming\RStudio\rstudio-prefs.json contains the preference for disabling the check.

    "initial_working_directory": "~",
    "pdf_previewer": "none",
    "windows_terminal_shell": "win-cmd",
    "jobs_tab_visibility": "shown",
    "rmd_viewer_type": "pane",
    "check_for_updates": false

You want to add check_for_updates to this file as shown above. This corresponds to the Global Option -> General -> Automatically notify me of updates to RStudio

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