RStudio not picking up latest version of R

An issue I don't recall coming across before but pretty sure I'm missing something obvious

I just updated to R version 3.4.2 via the website (It's definitely on my system and opens) but RStudio continues to load 3.4.1 and installr::check.for.updates.R() tells me there is a newer version. I've tried restarting computer

I'm using v1.1.383 of RStudio

Have you tried specifying which version using the methods described here? (I'd cut and paste, but I don't know what OS you're on)

Thanks mara.:hugs:
Not like I haven't done it before

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I became very well acquainted with those pages when first trying to figure out how not to lose my :package:s with version updates! So young…so naïve…so, like, what? 20 mos ago :joy:

At least I'm in good company.