RStudio not initializing Git repos

Hi there,

I'm having some trouble trying to get Git to work with RStudio.
Using R 4.0.4; RStudio 1.3.959; Git 2.28.0.

RStudio seems to be able to find Git fine as I can use Git Bash via the terminal and via this I can clone a GitHub repo. However, none of the repos that I clone from GitHub prompt the Git pane to appear on RStudio.

I've found two issues that may be linked:

  1. When I try to create a new project (with or without version control), RStudio doesn't let me choose the directory, it will only create it within the default directory. You can see in the image below (left side) that it's greyed out, and even if I click Browse and choose a folder, it doesn't change.

  2. I've tried to create a new Project and then add a Git repo via Project Options -> Git/SVN -> Version control system -> Git. When it asks to initialize a new git repo I click 'Yes' but then it just says 'Error' (see screenshot below (right side)).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've reinstalled R, RStudio and Git. I had it all working before, then one day I could only get the Git pane to be present when initially cloning the project but it would then disappear when I re-opened the project the next day. I then installed a more up-to-date version of RStudio and now I just can't get any of it to function properly.


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