Rstudio need to copy multiple columns from one data frame into certain corresponding columns in a different data frame


I am trying to automate a process in Rstudio that I have to manually complete in excel. Currently, I have two excels docs loaded into Rstudio as two different data frames DF1 and DF2. I need to copy information from these excel docs/data frames into specific columns in the new data frame DF3.
Ex: df1$'group ID' is equal to the df3$'ID' column and df2$'Item ID' is also equal to the df3$'ID' column. Furthermore, I need to copy the information across multiple columns into specific columns in DF3. So DF1 has multiple columns, but I need the corresponding information from DF1$'group ID', DF1$'date', DF1$'item number' .. copied into the DF3$ID, DF3$'date', and DF3$'item' columns.

I think you are describing join operations, you can perform joins between dataframes easily with the dplyr packages, take a look at the documentation

If you need more specific help, please provide a proper REPRoducible EXample (reprex) illustrating your issue.

Hi! so I have three excel doc loaded into R studio as data frames. The first df doc has 8932 obs. with 14 variables. The second has 1142 obs with 16 variables. The third df has 0 obs. and 19 variables. I need to copy and paste information from the first and second df's to populate certain columns in the third df. I am running into issues trying to use join and even paste because the third excel doc is empty. To summarize, I need to copy specific columns from df1 and df2 into df3 to populate it. I know the columns I need to copy from each doc and where they need to be pasted into the third df, but I am unable to get the copy and paste to be successful.

Ex: df3$id <- paste(df2$"Item_ID")

output: Error: Assigned data paste(df2$\"Item_ID"`)` must be compatible with existing data.
x Existing data has 0 rows.
x Assigned data has 8932 rows.
i Only vectors of size 1 are recycled.

You can't arbitrarily put together vectors from different lengths as columns in a dataframe, if they are of differnt length, you need to define the logic to match the rows from one dataframe to the other.

As I said before, if you need specific advice, we are going to need a proper reproducible example to help you, please read the guide on the link I gave you before and try to make one.

We really should have a description in substantive terms telling us what you are doing. See The XY Problem.

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