RStudio Mac dock icon label is too small to see

When there are multiple projects opened in RStudio, there is a label in the Dock icon to show the project name.

However that was too small to be any use.


Is there any way to increase the label font, or use some other method to differentiate them? I think even a big number label will help, at least that can be recognized.

I don't think we can reliably fix this as the Dock size can be customized by users and so there will always be a size at which the project name is no longer legible.

If you haven't already, you might find it useful to turn in Dock Magnification -- see the Dock preferences pane in macOS. With that on, hovering over an icon in the dock should magnify it so you can more easily see text and other details on the icon.

In our case, we tried to optimize for visibility when pressing Cmd + Tab.

Yes I understand there is probably nothing can do with the label text since it's limited by the text bar. What I'm thinking is something like simple color or number labels. Even a number doesn't really show what project it's in, at least it refer to same project before user closed it.

The label is definitely easy to read in Cmd + Tab, though I find it's slow to cycle through the whole list when I can just click the dock icon to switch.

I also tried dock magnification, it helps with label but I need to wait for sometime before selection because the process is not linear and predictable, while with static dock I can move and click immediately.

I found there is a Eclipse plugin for similar problem. You can customize the badge string through that plugin. If we can have something similar in RStudio project settings (either a literal string or some pattern applied to project name, like only take first several letters?), that may help. Though I'm not sure if a shorter label will have larger font. It may not solve the problem (a single number should be recognizable even with same font).

Compare to label text, maybe we can also add a badge in the right top corner, using either short text/letter or number. For example, just use the first letter of project name (or a pattern, string, customized in project option).

The full text in label is helpful in cmd+tab, and the badge will be helpful in dock.