Rstudio loading errror

Hi all,

I successfully installed RStudio 1.2.1335 - SLES/OpenSUSE 12 (64-bit) in a SLES15 server, however when I try to run rstudio I am getting the error above, which is related to openssl if I am not wrong. However, I could not manage to find any proper solution so far.

rstudio: symbol lookup error: rstudio: undefined symbol: SSL_COMP_free_compression_methods

I would be grateful if anybody has an idea how to solve it.

thank you in advance

You might want to try the version of RStudio built for OpenSUSE 15 instead, e.g. from here:

Note that this is the current RStudio v1.2 release candidate, which we hope to promote to a full release soon.

Thank you for your response Kevin.

The strange think is that I already installed the aforementioned version of Rstudio in another SLES 15 system and it works like a charm.

I tried to go with the server version you proposed me, however I received the following error

Sep 11 11:53:27 swiss rserver[25999]: ERROR R did not return any output when queried for directory location information; LOGGED FROM: bool rstudio::core::r_util::{anonymous}::detectRLocationsUsingR(const string&, rstudio::core::FilePath*, rstudio::core::FilePath*, rstudio::core::config_utils::Variables*, std::__cxx11::string*, const string&) /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/IDE/open-source-pipeline/v1.2-patch/src/cpp/core/r_util/REnvironmentPosix.cpp:498

The R is installed and works properly.Please see the output below. Any idea how to force rstudio to look for R in the specific path?

vasilis@swiss:$ R --slave --vanilla -e "cat(paste(R.home('home'),R.home('share'),R.home('include'),R.home('doc'),'',sep='\n'))"

thank you in advance

My best guess is that RStudio is not loading the version of R that you're expecting it to, although unfortunately it's hard to verify that just from the error produced here.

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