RStudio launching XQuartz & dummy RStudio instance

Hi - I have some strange behavior that I may just not know the right words to describe, but whenever I launch RStudio (MacOS Monterey 12.3.1, but this has occurred on previous OS versions, too), after the main RStudio window launches, two other icons pop up into my tray.

The first is another RStudio icon (see attachment), but when I click on it no window is associated with it, and the only menu items at the top of the screen are RStudio, Edit, Quartz, and Window, none of which have any available menu options to click on.

The second is XQuartz X11, which also has no window associated with it.

This doesn't appear to be impacting my main RStudio IDE performance or what I can do within RStudio, except that when I try to quit these extra programs, it crashes the main RStudio session. I'm more annoyed by these icons than anything else, since it just clutters up the tray. But I'm legitimately confused as to why this is occurring, since for years of using RStudio on MacOS this has never happened before. Is there a package that does this? Any insight would be greatly appreciated, as numerous google searches over the course of the past few months have yielded nothing helpful or definitive.

Thanks for the help, and happy to add information or post this elsewhere if this is an issue with some other aspect of R rather (like packages misbehaving) than the RStudio IDE itself.


Hi Nate, on my computer the same problem occurred after I installed the new R version 4.2.0 under macOS 12.3.1. I then uninstalled the current RStudio version, as well as the RStudio folders in the library. Then I installed the current RStudio version again. Now the plots show up again in the associated window. May be there is a faster way, but this is how it works for me.

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