RStudio is running very slowly

My RStudio is running very slowly. every command is taking 10 to 15 min to run. When i ooen RStudio, overall function of computer also slow down and its very annoying. Pease guide

That’s not normal. The first thing to try is closing all programs and then shut down, power off and restart your computer. If you have a hard drive, the slowness could be due to inadequate memory and if you can hear sounds from the drive it almost certainly is. That is because there is so little free RAM, that programs are having to be written to cache and reread continuously.

Yes i have tried to delete unwanted files and programs.
This rstudio and all related files are downloaded by default in C: drive . Its free space was 7GB out of 97 i have deleted some unwanted files and moved some files to E: drive.
Now free available space is 15GB . But problem of slow running is still not resolved.

Try to uninstall R and RStudio, then install them again. Try to load only few pakages (ex: tidyverse) and try using default dataset, for example mtcars, and see if it solves.

I need 10 15 packagees to work at a same time.

If i will uninstall it...the files that i have saved will be restored?

They can be reinstalled at any time; however uninstalling R/Rstudio should not remove the packages.
What is important is the script

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