Rstudio installation on chromebook with linux

hello i'm trying to install R studio on a Chromebook with linux i'm at the part were i need to add this line to the end of the file:

deb stretch-cran35
  • press ‘shift+g’ to go to the last line of the file
  • press ‘o’ to add a new line underneath and to switch to insert mode
  • paste the repo config line with ‘ctrl+shift+v’
  • press ‘Esc’ to exit insert mode
  • type ‘:wq’ and press ‘Return’, to write the file and exit vi
    but my cursor does not move at all to the last line and i also research on google and found other command i could execute but none of them work

These instructions are for the vi/vim editor, which is well worth learning, but you may have better luck using a plain-text GUI editor to just add the line at the end with a simple paste and then save. You'll need to install the editor, such as Text.

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