RStudio in Anaconda virtual environment can't open .Rproj projects


I recently installed the latest Anaconda (using the miniconda installer) on my Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3 system and used it to install RStudio 1.1.456 (the latest provided by Anaconda) in a virtual R environment. RStudio starts correctly (both from Anaconda Navigator and from the command line in the virtual environment I created), and I can run R commands, install/load packages and so on. It is using R 3.4.3.

The problem is this RStudio cannot successfully open RStudio project files (*.Rproj). Here's what I usually do to open projects but it doesn't work:

  1. In the "Files" panel on the lower-right, navigate to the *.Rproj file I'd like to open and click it.
  2. Answer yes when the dialog asks me if I want to open the project.
  3. The RStudio window would restart which I think is normal when opening a project.
  4. The project is not loaded. I can tell because (a) the "Files" panel resets to my home directory instead of showing the directory of the project, (b) the working directoy is unchanged, (c) my project uses Git but it is not "detected" and Git-related options are now shown (even though they are shown when I open the same project on another machine running RStudio but not via Anaconda), (d) the "Close Project" item in the "File" menu is greyed out indicating no project has been opened. There doesn't seem to be any permissions issues with the RProj or any other R files in the project.

Am I doing something wrong? How can I troubleshoot this problem so I can make full, normal use of RStudio project files? Thank you!

RStudio is not officially supported through Anaconda so you are hardly going to get any meaningful help with this. I would recommend using a stand-alone installation instead.

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Thank you @andresrcs, I will keep investigating elsewhere.

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