RStudio IDE (Windows) toolbar, context menu, and pane font sizes

Have seen prior forum posts with similar problems but none of the prior I reviewed resolve the issue and this now continues with updated versions of RStudio.

I have a dual monitor setup (laptop screen, 2nd monitor) and run RStudio in one/other/both at various times.
In the smaller laptop display: Size & font of menu bars, settings menus, dialog/context menus, and panes are TOO BIG. Even the settings window is too big for the screen (cannot see OK/Cancel/Apply buttons)
In the larger monitor display: All of the above are TINY.
I've attached a screenshot which includes both monitors to give an idea.

Prior attempted solutions:

  • Tools -> Global Options -> Appearance: Changing zoom adjusts EVERYTHING except the file/edit/etc menu bar. This gets the closest to what I want.
  • View -> Zoom in/out seems to be a shortcut for the above setting.
  • Tools -> Global Options -> Appearance: Changing theme, editor theme, etc has no effect on sizes.
  • Tools -> Global Options -> Advanced tab: Changing OS Integration rendering engine has no effect.

System: Dell XPS 13 running Windows 10
Graphics: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620
Laptop display: 1920x1080 resolution, Scaled 150% (Win 10 recommended setting)
Monitor display: 2560x1440 resolution, Scaled 125%
RStudio version: 1.2.5033

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