RStudio IDE will not open projects

My RStudio IDE (Windows) will not open any projects. When I try to use the "Open Project" command, I can navigate to a project and try to open it. It then acts like it is opening the project, but does not. The working directory stays at the default and the "Close Project" command is grayed out. In addition, the "Recent Projects" menu does not register the project. This is the case for all projects. I can't access any of them. I upgraded R to 3.6.2 and RStudio to 1.2.5033 and I still have the problem.

In addition, the "Recent Files" menu does not show recent files. It stopped adding new files at the same time that projects stopped working.

Aside from that, RStudio seems to work fine. I can change my working directory manually and get my work done, but not having projects available is a major pain.

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