RStudio IDE setup when teaching?

Does anyone have a list of steps they take to prep their IDE for teaching/presenting? For example, you almost always want to bump up the font size, zoom in on your browser... Sometimes I swap the Console pane to be at the top so folks in the back can read my code, but for newbies that can be confusing ("mine doesn't look like that!"), so I also try to size my browser window so it's almost full screen while also not reaching to the bottom of my screen.

Maybe there could be an "educator mode" for the IDE to do this all at once!


I bump up the font size and ...nothing else really. FWIW, it seems to work fine. I can minimize the scripts pane and hit Control + L to get the command line to the top of the page (or teach from an R Notebook).


I'm still upset by the fact that it is frown upon to use the dark theme when presenting.
The default one is tolerable, but don't even get me started on the font!

I drop the screen resolution on the computer in my classroom way down. I've been reluctant to change the layout of the IDE because of what you pointed out @AmeliaMN - "mine doesn't look like that!". I'm going to try adjusting the editor's font size next week...

I always shut down the inline output and notebook like behavior options. I feel that makes the output and state more predictable.

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@JohnMount, that's the way I prefer to work myself, but I've heard people (maybe @mine?) say that staying totally within the Notebook is desirable. I tried to do that in my recent workshop, and it did lead to some confusion, but mostly because of this weird yaml behavior:

It is definitely a matter of taste and opinion, and obviously you have experience on this topic. However, for me it isn't just the details. The clean run behavior is one of the things I prefer about RMarkdown over Jupyter/IPython notebooks.