RStudio IDE rstudio-1.2.1335 and alt-gr


I have an issue with the RStudio IDE 1.2.1335 with XRDP.
When I start the the RStudio IDE and try to write character with alt-gr (for example character $) then the cursor automatically jumps back one character. This issue happens in both console and editor. This issue also occurs with the latest preview version 1.2.1541.

If I downgrade back to version rstudio-1.1.463 this does not happen. Does anyone else has this issue?

CentOS 7
Gnome Classic desktop
XRDP 0.9.10-1 with xorgxrdp

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Sounds like this issue -- if so, please comment & upvote:

Yeah, the same issue.

Thanks for the link! Commented and upvoted :slight_smile:


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