RStudio IDE not running R; pandoc eating memory

I'm having some complex issues that I think are all related, and altogether they mean that my RStudio IDE is not functional. Hoping someone can help.

Running R 3.4.1; RStudio 2023.06.2+561 (just updated both to try to fix the problem)

on MacOS 12.4; intel chip (i7).

The RStudio IDE is not communicating with R; when I run a line of code by hitting command enter in an Rmd notebook (for example library(lubridate)), it either does not reflect this command in the console pane; or it does, but it hangs up and never runs the code. It doesn't matter what I enter.

At the same time, I notice on my activity monitor that pandoc is running in the background and has eaten up 100% of my memory.

pandoc is DEFINITELY being called by RStudio; when I close RStudio, pandoc shuts down and I get my memory back. If I start up the IDE again, pandoc eats up all my memory in the space of a minute or two.

Here's a screenshot of the issue that I've described:

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