Rstudio ide freezing but I can run code in the console

I have a persistent (keeps happening) but not consistent (doesn't always happen) issue where the play button in an RMD file freezes. I click and click but it doesn't do anything. Sometimes, I click and see the timer show up as if it's waiting to run code. During these times, I can copy and paste code into the console and it runs fine. If I am patient enough, the play button will usually start working again, often bringing me to the top of the Rmd file at that point. Sometimes I get an error, like "Warning in gzfile(file, "wb") :
cannot open compressed file 'Path to project/.Rproj.user/shared/notebooks/FF65CDFC-NAME_OF_RMD_FILE/1/CCCFACB51B7F6CD9/c1zbbxwbb84eo_t_rs_rdf_a48d614e92.rdf', probable reason 'No such file or directory'
Error in gzfile(file, "wb") : cannot open the connection" where NAME_OF_RMD_FILE is the name of my rmd and "Path to project" is the path to my project.

It seems a little similar to this issue.

I know this is probably not a good enough description but hoping to get any feedback.

I have Windows 10 Enterprise version 21H2, an HP Elitebook with Intel Core i7-10610U CPU @1.8 GHz, 16 GB RAM.

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