Rstudio IDE does not turn Dark


A short question that seems awkward for me is that my IDE does not turn Dark even with a dark editor theme.
I unfortunately does not find the reason.
Does someone has a solution or know why ?


My Rstudio version : Version 1.3.1093
"Apricot Nasturtium" (aee44535, 2020-09-17) for Windows
Windows 10, x64

Hi @DGrv, after clicking the "Apply" button, the dark mode should be set. If it does not, I recommend:

  1. manually resetting RStudio or
  2. uninstalling and reinstalling it just to see what happens.

Hi @gueyenono, unfortunately it is not working. I add already tried uninstalling.
What I did know :

  • delete RStudio-Desktop and R<studio folders in localappdata (Windows)
  • uninstall and reinstall Rstudio

Still same behavior.
You have some things that I could give you for troubleshooting or if I should check something tell me it will be for sure hepfull.

Thanks for your feedback in all case :slight_smile: Appreciated.

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