Rstudio hangs on rendering huge Rmd(Notebook) files on Visual editor

Hi Team,

We are using the desktop R studio for running our Rmd notebooks and most of them are at least 10k lines long.
When we try to render the notebook we find that the Rstudio doesn't respond/take a long time, especially while scrolling post switching to the visual editor mode.
Do we have any specific factors in the notebook's code that can lead to this phenomenon? or is it a bug?
Can you help us address this issue?

Please do let us know in case you need any more details.
Edit 1: We are running R (3.6.3) and Rstudio 1.4 version
Edit 2: We tried debugging the issue further and found that any Rmarkdown having more than 7500 lines of code, the Visual editor scroll starts lagging and we find it a very tedious experience. Please do let us know if anyone can help in fixing this issue. The table of contents scroll and the source editor scroll has no issues.

Do let us know in case you need more details on this.

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