RStudio git tab present but files not showing due to project in a folder with a special character

I think this is very much related to the post here. I have had multiple students have issues with changes in files in a repo do not show up in the git pane in RStudio. We figured out it was because they had special characters (Vietnamese and Turkish letters) in folders that contained the project.

So, is that something that is not allowed? Should I add that to my teaching materials that they should not have any special characters in their folders that contain their projects?

Thanks, Lisa

There are a number of issues with special characters in paths, particularly when it's part of the user's name (and therefore part of all paths related to settings for the user). We have future plans to improve this, but for now it's best to avoid special characters in paths.

Thank you! For now, I will add this to documentation for my students.

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