RStudio Git Not Detected, Git tab disappeared

Main Issue: RStudio > New Project > Version Control > Git states that Git was not detected on system path. Git tab has disappeared.

The issue was first noticed when I opened a local project connected to a GitHub repository and my Git tab was missing. I then attempted to start a New Project under RStudio version control, but it stated that Git was not on my system path. This is the case despite manually setting the Git executable in Global Options. $ git remote -v returns the correct GitHub repo as well. I can still access a Git-Bash terminal from RStudio and have successfully ran basic git commands like thoseoutlined in Happy With GitR Chapter 9 ( Git version control still works in VSCode (Same GitHub repo as

Current Status

  • $ git (or git) for runs in all terminals.

In RStudio Git-Bash terminal:

  • $ which git returns /cmd/git
  • echo $PATH does not seem to have Git in it, just /bin and /cmd.

In RStudio Windows PowerShell terminal:

  • (Get-Command git).Path returns C:Program Files\Git\bin\git.exe
  • $env:Path has both C:\Program Files\Git\bin and C:\Program Files\Git\cmd in it

In RStudio Command Prompt terminal:

  • echo %PATH% also has C:\Program Files\Git\bin and C:\Program Files\Git\cmd

Additional System Info:

  • Windows machine running Windows 10 (updated approximately a couple weeks ago) on HP Spectre Laptop

Attempted Fixes:

  • Updated/Re-installed R and RStudio
  • Updated/Re-installed Git
  • Gone to Tools > Global Options > Git/SVN, manually set Git Executable to C:/Program Files/Git/bin/git.exe
  • Followed Windows specific instructions at Installing Git in PATH with GitHub client for Windows (number 2 solution) by manually adding C:/Program Files/Git/bin/git.exe and C:/Program Files/Git/cmd to my system PATH

Also attempted fixes outlined on the following RStudio Community topics to no avail:

  • git-disappeared-from-the-rstudio-ide/40619
  • git-cannot-be-used-in-rstudio-but-in-cmd-or-git-bash-it-works/18167
  • rstudio-ide-not-finding-git-after-macos-update/3187/2

Possible Causes?

  • Recently updated Anaconda and Python to latest versions
  • Had both VSCode and RStudio open and connected to same GitHub repository (was making commits/pushing from VSCode)
  • As of now, I believe my RStudio is under my Program Files, but my R libraries are stored under C:\Users\USER\Documents\R\win-library\3.6

Recreate Install Error Messages

At the end of installing Git, I received 12 error messages, ultimately stating that it was 'Unable to set system config defaults'

  • Run uninstall for current Git, manually delete any remaining files (usually etc folder)
  • Download Git for Windows
  • No changes to default settings during installer

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