RStudio freezing and QT Webengine eating CPU

I'm having a problem with RStudio freezing before I even run any code. It'll pull up my script (which includes R chunks and SQL chunks) and then immediately freeze. QT Webengine is consuming a large amount of CPU when it does this - I'm not sure what the problem is so just trying to report all the info I can in case someone else has had this problem.

Version numbers
R Studio 1.2.1321.0
QT Webengine
OS Windows Server 2016 version 1607 (OS Build 14393.2848)

I've tried restarting the server, opening other documents, etc. and still get this same error of RStudio freezing with QT webengine running heavily in the background. I appreciate any help or ideas on what to try next.

I moved the original document I was freezing on out of the folder I had it in so RStudio wouldn't try to open it on start-up. Now everything is working again. Not sure what exactly was loading with that file, but this may not be a fully reproducible problem since it was clearly something associated with that specific file at start-up.

Going to mark this update as a solution since things are working. I am curious about what happened, so if anyone knows why a particular file might cause RStudio to freeze when opening I'd be interested in learning more.

Any chance you can share some more information on the document you were trying to open? Was it an R Markdown document (e.g. perhaps with HTML chunk outputs?) or something else?

Does RStudio freeze still if you try to open that document?

It was R Markdown although it didn't involve any htmlwidgets or output. Used odbc to connect to a server and then had a sql language chunk in it. After that the rest were fairly ordinary R chunks aimed at modeling - the only printed output would have been the timing from the tictoc package.

It works just fine now, no problems with freezing.

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