RStudio freezes when making initial commit

Hi everyone! I'm a relatively new useR and this is my first post. I've mostly used R in the past for basic visualization. I recently updated to Rstudio 1.1.383 (R version 3.4.3), and I thought that making a personal website using blogdown would be an interesting project over winter break. Unfortunately, when I go to commit through RStudio it freezes before all of my files are staged. It seems that other users were reporting some similar experiences with version 1.1 back in October. Any advice would be appreciated! Also, apologies in advance if I made a noob mistake with my post! Thanks!

Hi @SFBiker,

A few questions to help with variable isolation:

Is this happening when you commit to GitHub for anything, or only when working with your blogdown repo? If you're not sure (i.e. this is also your first time using GitHub with RStudio), quickly run through the steps here, Existing project, GitHub first, to see if there's something happening that's content-related with your blogdown project, vs your Git setup.

If it's happening with all repos, are you having any trouble committing to these using the CLI or any other Git/GitHub clients?

Lastly, if you wouldn't mind posting a link or two to the possibly related issues, that'd help, too.


Hi Mara,

I apologize for the lag in my response! I was traveling for the holidays, and I've been away from my computer. Anyhow, I've made commits to GitHub before as part of a Software Carpentry class, but in a previous version of RStudio and R. I just went through the instructions in Ch.17 of Happy Git with a small text file. I was able to commit, edit, and then push to my repository without issue. One thing that I noticed is that took a while to stage my tiny text file. Is it possible that I'm just not waiting long enough? Also, I've attempted to do this several times and there seems to be variability in how many files are staged before it freezes.

I'm in a R4DS Slack group, and I've noticed that other uses have had similar problems:

"I do have the same issue. When I make a commit on the terminal in Rstudio, it works well but when I try to amend a commit, it freezes. What I do is to open my own terminal, navigate to the project, then make my git amend. Or sometimes, I open the shell outside Rstudio from Rstudio."

"I had the same issue; what I do now is 1). serve the site 2.) commit the post file from the R studio; 3) then from the shell or terminal try git commit -a -m "your message". 4) push the changes. 2 & 3 may be duplicate but it works for me. Hope it helps"

I'll try find links to the RStudio support pages that I thought might be relevant. Thanks and happy New Year!


I'm not surprised by that (when things in RStudio go wonky for me, the terminal emulator does too), but good to know regular terminal (which is what I still mean when I refer to the terminal...working on it :wink:) works, since this means your GH setup on your system is fine.

The RStudio IDE stuff is way outside my bailiwick, but hopefully you can get some clarification here (I wasn't able to find a comparable issue filed, so, if you don't hear back from someone here in a day or two, it might be worth filing one).

Thanks Mara! I submitted the issue. I was able to get everything done using git bash, which is probably good practice for me anyhow. It wouldn't have been possible without your blog post on resolving the default Hugo version :grin: (

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Glad you got things working! That Hugo information is totally in the blogdown book, I just hadn't seen that version of it when I was making a go of things myself. Happy the post helped, though!

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