Rstudio freezes in AWS EC2 instance

Rstudio continues to freeze every time I initialize myEC instance. I have been working on certain scripts for the last few weeks and after logging on to AWS and initializing my EC2 instance, my scripts load on Rstudio just as they would on a locally run version of AWS. However, I am not able to type anything in the scripts/console/terminal area or navigate through the file directory on the side panel. It was working fine until a couple weeks ago, however, now I am not even able to open up any other scripts open in other windows or edit any of my working scripts. Any idea what is going on?

Couple things I have tried

  • bumping up the size of my instance (I have 512gb, but only use 30gb max at upstart)
  • clearing my environment
  • terminating/restarting my session (several times)
  • opening up a brand new EC2 instance to run my scripts

Any ideas for diagnostics I should run? Thanks in advance!