RStudio freezes if connection speed to file's location in the server is slow.

Hi, I would like to get some help about the following situation.

At work, we store all our files in a server. The connection to this server is not always smooth and sometimes it will freeze for some seconds: at times it will take some seconds to load a folder, or open a simple pdf, etc.

The problem comes with .R files or .Rmd stored in the server that we open with our RStudio IDE.

Whenever I have my RStudio session load a script (.R or .Rmd) that is stored on the server, my RStudio will freeze whenever the connection to the server is lagging too - even after the file has been loaded.

Now, I have made sure that I open my RStudio session locally, I make sure the work directory is in a local folder - both in the script and the console -, but no matter what I try, if the file that I loaded is in the server, whenever I want to run it I will be subject to the servers' connection speed.

How could I work around this problem while keeping the .R and .Rmd files in the server?

Thank you all!

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