Rstudio freeze after open for a while

R 3.6.1
Rstudio 1.2.1335

System: Windows 10

Rstudio freeze and stuck when I open it for a while.

The icons and editor cannot be clicked and edited. I have to force to close it using task manager. And reopen it.

This problem always happen after I installed the version 1.2.1335. It doesn't happen previously.

Try with the preview release

If that doesn't work then consider filing an issue on the github repo

OK, I will try the preview version

I have tried the preview version, but it still have such problem

Sometimes Rstudio doesn't give me any response. It just seems like freeze. The icon on the screen cannot be clicked. And I cannot click the "X" icon on the top right of the window, so the session can only be stopped by using task manager.

Are you doing something specific when it freezes or just happens by opening RStudio? Do you have modified your file?

NO, I just download and use it.

It get stucked sometimes when I open it for a while

and sometimes it behaves strange

Some icons can be click but some cannot
For example, I cannot save the file but the editor can be clicked but it cannot be edited.
Ctrl + S also doesn't work, have to reopen.

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