RStudio for Mac: edit() function won't work despite Quartz installation

Dear RStudio community,
after 2 days of self-problemsolving I am lost. The "edit()" function won't start on my MacOS RStudio, Version 1.4.1106 on Mac OS X 10.15.7 after installing Quartz 2.8.0 (latest version).

Whatever data set I try to open with edit(), the following error message keeps appearing:

Error in .External2(C_dataentry, datalist, modes) :
unable to start data editor
In addition: Warning message:
In :
unable to create fontset --fixed-medium-r----120------

As I do use RStudio for a living, I'd really be happy to get solution tips from you as soon as possible.
Thanks so much upfront!

Problem solved after some experimentation. Perhaps helpful for some as this error has already been described in 2010 posts in other boards without working solutions on the net.

Here the hack to get the edit() function in MacOS version of RStudio running:

The latest version of MacOS RStudio (1.4.1106 from 3-2021) and the latest version of XQuartz (2.8.0 from 2-2021) are not compatible. offers on their website a "Quick Download" for this latest version for MacOS. Don't install that, instead head to their "Releases" subpage: and download the last stable XQuartz version of 2016 (2.7.11) and install it.
Now the edit() function works well with RStudio.

Hope some MacOS R users will find this helpful to solve this problem quickly.

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