RStudio "File->New File" improve file types

In RStudio IDE there are many file types you can use from a "New File" menu. Unfortunately it happens that quite commonly I have to create just a "Text file" and change extension afterwards.
The types I found missing on that lists, which I quite commonly use are:

  • markdown - ".md"
  • C - ".c"
  • header - ".h"
  • shell - ".sh"

The last one, "sh", may not be that much relevant to R but "md" and "c"+"h" are quite heavily relevant for R developers, thus IMO should be added to this list.

Hi @jangorecki,

This type of feature request should get posted as an Issue/Enhancement on the RStudio GitHub found here.

However, when you create a new text file in RStudio, you can just append the file extension of your choosing (e.g. md) when you save the file and it will become that file-type. All of the extensions you mentioned are special-cases of text files, so Text file gives you the ability to create any one of them (and more). RStudio will auto-detect the file-type and provide enhanced functionality, if supported (such as code highlighting for markdown files).

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Thanks, didn't get their github issue already works, will do. I am aware of renaming during save, but then it is another prompt that you have to confirm.

It is the same amount of clicks and typing as saving any other file type, including R scripts. The only difference is that saving is required up front to get enhanced editor functionality.

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